Recycled materials

Nowadays, we are very active with recycling old products and materials. We do this to take care of the environment, but also to create new products made of recycled materials. It is a small and simple step for us that will have a big and positive impact on our world.

PET is the most common type of plastic, mostly used for packaging and disposable bottles/containers. A large part of the solid waste in the world is attributed to this packaging. The use of recycled PET (RPET) by giving a new life to an already made product in place of virgin resin results in reduced environmental impact.

Recycled fabrics
Recycled fabrics is made from waste fabrics (any textiles). Collected textile solid wastes are reprocessed to fibre and than back to fabrics for further re-production of bags, garments or linnen. Most of the manufacturers work with two streams : pre-consumer waste (scrap from production) and post-consumer waste (used textiles collected). The color segregation occurs during the process to avoid as much as possible the re-dyeing of the fabric.